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About us

Mindful Media works with productions to maximize their capacity for targeted social & community impact. We believe narrative film and television are powerful means for social change, not just social commentary.

The unique empathy invoked through storytelling, if mindfully produced and cultivated, can help energize audiences to move from passive viewing to active engagement on an array of social issues.

We primarily work with artists, networks and production houses to identify, create and market content that directly speaks to issues that matter most to their audiences.

With an effective impact approach you can:

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...in a world with endless entertainment options, social good campaigns are a way to cut through the noise, retain viewers, and broaden audience reach & engagement.

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...community buy-in and cultivate champions for your content.

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...change and establish yourself as leaders in what Forbes has dubbed the "impact revolution"

What We Offer

Designed to optimize your production for greater impact and marketability, we work closely with you to turn your creative vision into reality


We analyze the decisions that are being made at every level of production and identify opportunities to enhance impact and marketability as a whole.


We work with clients to identify the potential impact of their production, determine the desired impact, and develop a strategy to achieve it.


We oversee the implementation and execution of the strategy, ensuring that our clients' goals are achieved and their visions are brought to life.

Your job is to tell a story, ours is to amplify and produce the impact that story can have.

Sam Bempong

Founder & CEO

Sam Bempong is a trained creative, producer, and community organizer, with a degree from

NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

After years working in the field she found herself frustrated with the amount of dynamic and forceful content that failed to fully step into its own power. In an effort to fill this gap she founded Mindful Media - a company that helps artists and productions explore the intersection of storytelling and community organizing. Sam's belief in the power of stories to inspire social change drives her to work passionately towards creating positive impact in her community and beyond.

Justina Sade m.a.

Marketing & Design Consultant

Justina Sade is a skilled digital artist, web designer, and digital marketing strategist with over seven years of experience. She holds a Masters degree from the NYU Draper School of the Humanities, and her current work focuses on media, culture, and emerging technology.

Justina works with Mindful Impact Productions to bring her unique style of creative project management to deliver customer-driven creative & digital marketing solutions for clients across various business verticals, resulting in her clients' ability to share their creative and professional visions and achieve business and audience growth.

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